CG Generalist (ARCHIVE)

Mainframe Studios is on the lookout for an experienced CG Generalist to join our team! The CG Generalist will report to their applicable department head (Modeling, FX, Creative Services, etc.).  The CG Generalist will cover the more general 3D tasks such as modeling, compositing and FX for an animated project.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Proven ability in multiple CG techniques, such as modeling, texturing, look development, compositing or FX.
  • Based on assigned area of expertise, constructs character models, vehicles, props and/or environmental models in alignment with the determined creative style and direction of a project.
  • Collaborates with designers, riggers, surfacing artist, animators and technical directors in order to facilitate optimal shot production while adhering to the schedule and quota fulfillment.
  • Applies, completes and works on shots to be used by the FX department.
  • Collaborates with Lighting and Compositing artists to test efficacy of the special effects, modifying the design/application as necessary.
  • Maintain clear communication with team leads which may include Creative Services Director, Modeling Supervisor, FX Supervisor and Art Director to ensure timeliness in meeting milestones and quality assurance every step of the way.
  • Interprets and implements notes and feedback from Director(s) and/or supervisors in a timely and qualitatively acceptable way.
  • Interact respectfully and professionally with colleagues, other staff members, partners and clients.
  • Aligns and engages with the values of Mainframe: a culture of community, connectivity, creativity and collaboration.

Qualifications and Skills

  • Degree and/or diploma in fine arts or animation or equivalent experience is preferred. Knowledge of Golaem is a huge plus.
  • 2-3+ years of experience working in a professional environment within their discipline.
  • Fluent in Maya and Photoshop.
  • Knowledge of RenderMan is an asset.
  • Ability to work with polygonal, NURBS and subdivision topologies to create surface models ranging from highly stylized cartoon characters to photorealistic fantasy creatures.
  • Solid knowledge and skills in at least two CG disciplines, such as modelling, texturing, rigging, lighting, FX and compositing. 
  • Ability to hone in on crafting a variety of FX designs as necessitated by shot/sequences in a given project.
  • Proficiency in using Maya and Nuke for particle simulations, expressions, soft body, rigid body & cloth dynamics. 
  • Experience with Houdini, Real Flow and XSI is an asset.
  • Ability to translate 2D designs into 3D assets.
  • Strong understanding of composition, colour theory, layout and design.
  • Ability to juggle multiple priorities and adapt to ever-changing production requests.
  • Deadline oriented with strong self-organizational skills.
  • Solid work ethic and positive attitude.
  • Strong problem solving skills and ability to work collaboratively.