Unit Director - Unannounced Dreamworks Series

Mainframe Studios in partnership with DreamWorks is on the lookout for an experienced Unit (Episodic) Director on an upcoming series! Under the guidance of The Series Director, The Unit Director provides creative leadership to the episodic work on the series.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Defines and implements techniques and processes that help bring the vision of the stakeholders, Series Director, and Art Director to the episodic storytelling.
  • Ensures that the creative team is motivated to achieve the highest standards possible within the parameters of the production plan.
  • Oversees character consistency throughout series, ensuring that key character and story moments are supported through performance.
  • Ensures the storyboard  style guide is followed consistently in regards to shorthand model posing, staging, cuts and compositional esthetics of the series
  • Collaborates with creative and technical staff to ensure animation feasibility within the confines of schedule and budget.
  • Conducts regular client video conference calls to discuss client feedback, and implements changes proactively to all episodic production.
  • Evaluates and casts story talent to characters/sequences/shots that best suit to their skill set.
  • Provides vision, feedback, motivation and support to the team.
  • Provides coaching, mentoring and training as necessary.
  • Partners with production management in tracking and ensuring the on-time delivery of high quality shots.
  • Maximizes re-use where applicable.
  • Collaborates with Producer and HR on managing performance.  Responsible for completing artist’s performance reviews.
  • Attends meetings and coordinates efforts with other production staff and supervisors to facilitate optimal production flow.
  • Adheres to digital file management protocols.
  • Supports and integrates the values of Mainframe: which includes a commitment to innovation, creativity, professionalism and inspiration.
  • Interacts respectfully and professionally with colleagues, staff members and clients.
  • Additional duties as requested.


Qualifications and Skills


  • Degree and/or diploma in fine arts or animation or equivalent experience.
  • Understanding of CG Animation production process is required
  • In depth understanding of the workflow of episodic animation is required.
  • Expert understanding of principles of staging, pacing and storytelling.
  • Advanced level of proficiency in using Photoshop is required.
  • Excellent writing and verbal communication skills; ability to clearly pitch and present story, art materials etc.
  • Excellent leadership skills; ability to direct and inspire the team to work as a cohesive unit and eager to put forth their best.
  • Solid work ethic and positive attitude, and ability to remain calm in high pressure scenarios.
  • Practices attentive and active listening.  Shares information, methodologies and ideas with others.
  • Ability to collaborate and facilitate feedback requested by executives and/or clients.
  • Ability to communicate process, plans and concepts and set clear expectations.
  • Creatively solves problems, makes decisions in a timely manner, and accepts accountability for own actions.
  • Efficient and detail oriented.
  • Outstanding problem solving skills and ability to work collaboratively. Actively improves skill set to remain at cutting edge of industry trends.
  • Ability to deliver work on time and meet set performance objectives.